Choosing a Frameless Glass Shower Door

Frameless glass shower doors serve as an enclosure for the tub area, but they’re also a part of the decorative focal point for your bathroom. Easy to install, the frameless door doesn’t have a metal frame, which makes installation a little bit easier.  When choosing a glass shower door, the glass thickness and shape are two very important considerations that you’ll need to make before purchase. Also keep in mind the style of the door. There are options available in clear glass, frosted and stained glass options, and many others. Before you decide to purchase frameless shower doors west palm beach, make sure you measure carefully the shower enclosure size, compare the options and request quotes, and schedule a professional consultation to learn more.

If you already have a glass shower door in place, door shape is limited since you’ll need to follow the structure of the already installed enclosure. Nonetheless, there are many choices and styles of glass to accommodate your needs.  Single glass door styles are popular, featuring just one sliding door that includes three panels. The neo-angle shower door is another popular style offering an intriguing look. There’s the sliding shower door as well. The sliding shower door is easy-to operate, stylish, and available in your choice of several designs.

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Glass thickness is also important when choosing a shower door for your bathroom needs. A frameless door glass is heavier than a framed door so that it can easily support the enclosure. The 3/8″ glass is the most popular glass thickness chosen for the frameless glass, although the 1/2″ thick glass is also popular.  This glass thickness is high-quality and durable and feels substantially more durable than the 3/8″ glass. Although this glass is costlier, many homeowners don’t mind the added costs.