5 Myths About Termites

Termites are a big problem for homeowners in Fort Myers and beyond. The small pests can destroy a home in a matter of weeks, causing thousands of dollars in damages along the way. The termite is small but very powerful. It’s only doing what comes natural, however. It eats decaying wood in search of cellulose. It is important that you learn how to get rid of termites fort myers fl quickly if they become a problem at your home. Call to schedule treatment with professionals at the first sign of trouble. Below, find a few common termites myths that many people have heard, and learn the truth behind the matter.

1.    Termites can eat through concrete: Termites are a danger to all homes, even those made from brick. However, it is a myth that termites can eat through concrete. While powerful they’re not this strong!

how to get rid of termites fort myers fl

2.    The neighbors’ termites are a danger to my home:  Don’t worry about the neighbor’s termites infesting your home. It is easy to worry but this is a myth and the termites won’t just come over to your house -unless you invite them, of course!

3.    DIY termite treatment works just as good: DIY treatment for termites provides a temporary solution until a professional can get there. But, do not assume that the service is just as good and avoid the call to a professional.

4.    Termite detection is easy: Detecting termites on your home is not always easy. These pests can burrow deep within the wood structure of your home and cause damage. Some people think that termites are easy to see directly underneath the wood; this is not always the case. Experts ensure that termite detection is thoroughly made.

5.    Termites serve no purpose: Termites are a big nuisance when they’re in your home, they actually have great advantages for the ecosystem and can help break down decaying and rotting trees and wood.